Innovative UVC sterilization electric towel rack


Brand:  APUVAN

This electric towel rack uses UVC sterilization and disinfection, which can effectively kill mites, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other germs. The disinfection efficiency is doubled, and the comprehensive sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%. This uses ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-280NM, which can destroy the DNA and RNA structures of various viruses and bacteria, causing the death of germs and achieving disinfection and sterilization effects.

If ultraviolet rays directly irradiate the human body, it may cause damage caused by biological effects. This electric towel rack has a built-in human body microwave + infrared sensor, which can achieve dual somatosensory dual protection. The sensing distance reaches more than 1 meter, and the sensing angle is 180 degrees. Sterilization will automatically stop when a person approaches within 1 meter, and sterilization will automatically start after 10 seconds when a person leaves.

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  • Innovative UVC sterilization electric towel rack


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      Innovative UVC sterilization electric towel rack


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      # Electric Towel Warmer # Electric Towel Rack # Heated Towel Rack

      Safety Technology
      1. Using carbon fiber dry heating technology, it has uniform heating, good insulation and long service life.
      2. Using intelligent temperature control/constant temperature technology, it will no longer heat at full load after heating to the set temperature, achieving high efficiency and energy saving.
      3. Using intelligent timing function, it will automatically stop working after drying is completed within the set time, saving energy and worry.
      4. Triple anti-leakage protection design, while using seamless welding technology, reaching IPX4 level waterproof and splash-proof, safe and worry-free.

      Comfortable and healthy
      Keep towels and small clothes dry at all times, stay away from “musty smell”, avoid bacterial growth, effectively eliminate mites, and protect your health.

      Aesthetic Design
      1. The main materials of all products are high-quality stainless steel, which is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, strong and durable.
      2. Rigorous manufacturing technology combined with innovative technological applications, details highlight taste.
      3. The metal surface is treated with a special process to create a delicate and textured metal, which is elegant and subtle.

      Material: SUS 304
      Finish: Brushed plating
      Heating method: Carbon fibre heating
      Controller: Embedded digital display touch screen
      UVC time: 30 min(Intelligent human body sensing)
      Time control: 1-8 hours
      Temperature control: 45-60°C
      Working power: 100W
      Working voltage: 220V(default)
      Waterproof grade: IPX4
      Placement function: Shelf design (Stone Panel)
      Number of poles: 4 poles
      Product size: W460*H790*130 (mm)
      Installation: open/concealed

      Gold, Gunmetal, Black, White



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