Innovative Electric Towel Warmer Rack

  • Chinese Style Hidden Vertical Towel Warmer $838.00

    This electric towel rack has two vertical poles, which means “good things come in pairs”. “Good things come in pairs” is a Chinese idiom with profound cultural connotations. The Chinese believe that the number “two” represents balance and harmony. In ancient times, people often arranged some celebrations or festive events on even-numbered days to seek good luck and luck. Good things coming in pairs has also become people’s expectations and wishes for good luck and happiness.

    Good things come in pairs has a wide range of applications. In daily life, we often use this idiom to express blessings and encouragement to others. When we hear that good things have happened to others, we will say: “Good things come in pairs, congratulations!” This is a way of expressing joy and blessings.

  • Chinese Style Stone Panel APUVAN Towel Warmer Rack Made in China $978.00

    The deer symbolizes good luck, longevity and promotion. The word “deer” has the same pronunciation with the word “lu” in the three auspicious stars: “Fu, Lu and Shou”, and is often used to express longevity and prosperity. The crane symbolizes longevity.

    The crane and the deer imply that the crane and the deer spring together. The crane is a fairy bird and the deer is an auspicious beast, which means that all things are nourished, the world and the earth are in spring, and the beautiful life is peaceful and comfortable.

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    Innovative UVC sterilization electric towel rack $660.00$760.00

    This electric towel rack uses UVC sterilization and disinfection, which can effectively kill mites, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other germs. The disinfection efficiency is doubled, and the comprehensive sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%. This uses ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-280NM, which can destroy the DNA and RNA structures of various viruses and bacteria, causing the death of germs and achieving disinfection and sterilization effects.

    If ultraviolet rays directly irradiate the human body, it may cause damage caused by biological effects. This electric towel rack has a built-in human body microwave + infrared sensor, which can achieve dual somatosensory dual protection. The sensing distance reaches more than 1 meter, and the sensing angle is 180 degrees. Sterilization will automatically stop when a person approaches within 1 meter, and sterilization will automatically start after 10 seconds when a person leaves.

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