Customized Electric Towel Warmer Rack

  • Chinese Style Stone Panel APUVAN Towel Warmer Rack Made in China $978.00

    The deer symbolizes good luck, longevity and promotion. The word “deer” has the same pronunciation with the word “lu” in the three auspicious stars: “Fu, Lu and Shou”, and is often used to express longevity and prosperity. The crane symbolizes longevity.

    The crane and the deer imply that the crane and the deer spring together. The crane is a fairy bird and the deer is an auspicious beast, which means that all things are nourished, the world and the earth are in spring, and the beautiful life is peaceful and comfortable.

  • Luxurious large-sized electric towel warmer rack $2,095.00

    This is a luxurious, large-sized electric towel rack that is the best partner for shower rooms and bathtubs. In addition to the large drying rack, it also has a niche that can store toiletries. If you have a large bathroom space, its existence can make your bathroom look very high-end.

    This electric towel rack fully embodies the Chinese home symmetry aesthetics. In the bathroom, it can better reflect the orderly beauty of the bathroom with your bathtub, bathroom cabinet, etc.

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