Carbon fiber is the best heating material for electric towel racks

We all know that it is extremely difficult for wet towels to dry naturally in a closed environment in the bathroom. Especially in the rainy weather, the humidity in the bathroom increases, causing the towels to be almost always wet and easy to breed a large number of bacteria. This makes electric towel rack products highly popular. Welcome because it also kills most bacteria while drying towel clothes.

There are now a variety of electric towel racks on the market, and their heating technologies are also diverse. All our products use carbon fiber heating technology, which is not only safe and stable, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Carbon fiber refers to high-strength and high-modulus fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%. High-temperature resistance ranks first among all chemical fibers. The principle of using carbon fiber on the electric towel rack is to energize and dissipate heat through the heating wire in the rack to achieve a dry level.

Compared with heating rod products and alloy heating wire products, it completely solves the problems of uneven heating, poor drying effect, and liquid leakage. The thermal efficiency and sterilization rate are basically 100%, and the heating is rapid and even. It also achieves true temperature regulation, the heat can be set freely, and other technical elements and safety guarantees are added, which greatly improves waterproof safety, has a long service life, and requires no post-maintenance.

The carbon fiber electric heated towel rack is a product whose calorific value is significantly better than that of the heating wire. It will not be affected even if it attenuates. It has a good user experience, small faults, guaranteed safety, warm in winter and cool in summer, and its service life is generally about 15 years.

After years of continuous improvement and design updates, carbon fiber electric towel racks have become the main force in the field of electric towel racks. However, due to the high cost of carbon fiber materials, the product price is higher than ordinary towel racks.

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